Water Safety/Tips/Tide Chart(s)

Acadia's Mainely Ours - Outdoor Fun Rentals
Offers STRONG Suggestions for water craft safety:
  • Wear Your Life Vest
  • Stay Seated in our boats
  • Do not Drink or Drug and Boat
  • Have 1 whistle per boat (with responsible adult wearing it attached to their vest)
  • Check the tide chart before you go out
  • Check the Forecast before you go out 
  • Check the wind before you go out (on sea ventures, wind should be light, if any)
  • Call 911 if you have an emergency! 
  • Always have an adult present with minor children
  • Partner boating is always suggested, if possible
  Bar Harbor Tide Charts      
Helpful Hint -
Maine is not like many of the other coastal states. Our tide is 9-13 ft. through the course of a month. Full moon is the deepest tide each month.
This ebs and flows 
2 x's ea. day - low
2 xs ea. day - high
Some shorelines are several 100 ft. of mud flats as far as 2 hours before low tide time as noted on charts up towards 1.5 hr.'s after low tide time on the charts. For some shorelines this would mean dragging boats in mud for quite a distance.
Please time your ventures accordingly.
Note: Tide times fluctuate by approximately 50 minutes per day, thus if it was at 2 am and 2:20 pm today, tomorrow it will be about 2:50am and 3:10pm tomorrow and so forth...DO NOT ASSUME - check the Tidal Charts.

Inland Fresh waterways are not usually subject to the ocean tide charts.

Suggested Packing for your boating trip:
-Ziploc bags
-Carry ID
- Take cell phone of you have a dry bag or waterproof way to do so & attach to your vest
- Hat
- Sunscreen
- T Shirt - Sweatshirt/Jacket (if cold)
- Lip balm
- Water shoes
- Water
- Food
- Dry Bag (for any valuables)
- Waterproof camera

Read the "Know Your Limits" Online Guide
Apply ALL that Applies
Know Your Limits Online Guide

Have a SAFE and Enjoyable time boating in Acadia !

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